Track Link

      We have wide range of track link assy which pitch ranging is from 101mm to 260mm,they are suitable for all kinds of excavator, bulldozer, agricultural   machinery and special machinery.

      Firm design makes the track link longer wear life and resistance characteristics of stress. The surface and advanced of link, pin and bush was through high degree quenched has a hard wearing life.

Track Shoe

      Choose wide range of track shoes which were hot rolled by single reinforcement, double reinforcement and three reinforcement is suitable for pitch ranging from 101mm to 260mm track link. We have different specifications of  track shoes from standard type to high wear resistance type can meet all customer’s different need. We can make casting and forging track shoes which was used in mine and other special working conditions.

      The track shoe was made of special alloy boron steel material and after properly heat treatment, it can play under bend and high-wear effect in any working conditions.