1. Heavy Excavator


  2. Wheel Excavators


  3. Mini Excavators


  4. Wheel Loaders


  5. Forklifts


  6. Attachments


  • Heavy Excavators

    Doosan heavy excavator guarantee less fuel consumption, outstanding strength and ability to adapt to the working process to guarantee the increase in the production result.

  • Wheel Excavators

    Doosan wheel excavator has the water and air cooled engine,  that's make it has an excellent performance and significant less fuel consumption. 

  • Mini Excavators

    Our small excavator can change the track shoes in order to work in the building and limited space with the precise working system for the best performance.

  • Wheel Loaders

    Doosan Wheel Loaders represent the strength and durability for the difficult jobs, high digging power and excellent agility. 

  • Articulated Dump Trucks

    The surplus power from Doosan ADT represent the design thay consider the working process, performance and the ease of maintenance.

  • Forklifts

    Control lever close to hand. Power steering is easy. Environment friendly, reduce pollution and theeasy of maintenance.

  • DISD Wheel Loader

    We give the promise to our customers that our machine will increase the production which is good to the economic and this less fuel consumption machine will absolutely bring you to the successful of your business.