Operator Compartment

- Designed for comfort and productivity. Wide open leg room, ergonomically located pedals and low cowl height for better visibility.

Hood Mounted Control Lever

- Change reduces operator's fatigue dramatically because of it's comfortable arm position.

Adjustable Steering Column

- Infinitely adjustable steering column.

New Instrument Panel

- Easy to read Instrument Panel.

Overhead Guard

- Ergonomically designed overhead guard offers great visibility and reliability.

Operator Sensing System(OSS)

- Prohibit the operation automatically during operator's absence

Dual Element Air Cleaner

- The large capacity, dual element air cleaner is designed to extended service interval.

Powerful Engine

- Apply powerful and market proven engine.
   + Diesel: Yanmar Tier3 Engine

Counterweight & Cooling

- Newly designed counterweight shows Doosan GX Series design identity and allows better airflow to maximize cooling capacity.

Wide Open Step Plates and Easy Entry Grab Bar

- Enables easy entry and exit. Also wide anti slip step plates keeps operator's safety in any weather condition.


Technical Data Forklift DOOSAN [ D25G PLUS (D25GP) ]

Model designation     D25G PLUS (D25GP)
Drive     Diesel
Load Capacity Q kg 2500
Load Center c mm 500
Load Distance : Center of Driveaxle to fork x mm 467
Wheelbase y mm 1650
Service weight   kg 3890
Axle Loading, Laden Front/Rear   kg 5610/780
Axle Loading, Unladen Front/Rear   kg 1610/2280
Tyres size, Front     7.00x12-12PR
Tyres size, Rear     6.00x9-10PR
Wheels, number Front/Rear (x = driven wheel)     X2/2
Tread, Front b11 mm 970
Tread, Rear b12 mm 980
Tilt od Mast/Fork carriage Forward/Backward α/β °  6/12
Height, Mast lowered h1 mm 2038
Free Lift h2 mm 150
Lift h3 mm 3000
Height, Mast Extended h4 mm 4247
Height of Overhead Guard(Cabin) h6 mm 2143
Height of Seat h7 mm 1168
Overall Length l1 mm 3635
Length to Forkface l2 mm 2585
Overall Width b1/b2 mm 1165
Fork Dimensions s/e/l mm 45x100x1050
Fork carriage ISO 2328, class/type A,B     ll
Fork carriage width b3 mm 1000
Ground Clearance, laden, below mast m1 mm 100
Ground Clearance, center of wheelbase m2 mm 113
Aisle with for pallets 1,000 x 1,200 crossways Ast mm 3965
Aisle with for pallets 800 x 1,200 lengthways Ast mm 4235
Turning Radius Wa mm 2300
Internal Turning Radius b13 mm 710
Performance data
Travel Speed, Laden/Unladen   km/h 19.5/21
Lift Speed, Laden/Unladen   mm/s 510/570
Lowering Speed, Laden/Unladen   mm/s 560/580
Drawbar pull, Laden/Unladen(@ 1.6km/h)   N 17200/16800
Max. Drawbar pull, Laden/Unladen   N 19750/18860
Gradeability, Laden/Unladen(@ 1.6km/h)   % 27.5/46
Max. Gradeability, Laden/Unladen   % 29.4/49.7
Service Brake     Hydraulic
Combustion Engine
Engine Manufacturer/type     YANMAR/4TNE98
Engine power according to DIN ISO1585   kW 43.7
Rated Speed   min-1 2300
Torque at 1/min   N•m 181 @ 1600
Number of Cylinders/Displacement    -/cm3 4/4/3,319
Battery Voltage/normal capacity   V/Ah  12/90
Addition Data
Operating pressure for attachments   bar 160
Oil volume for attachments   l/min 65
Fuel Tank Capacity   l 50

D25GP Brochure